Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to Huntsman Wine and Spirits founded in 2022. A family owned vineyard and winery located on 22 acres in North East Texas as part of the Piney Woods Trail. Our wines will be small limited batches allowing us to be meticulous in production which will result in a finished wine that will be memorable and stand the test of time for your private collections.

Where We Started

The Ogas family, whilst stationed overseas, lived near and visited the largest vineyard in Germany.  This in addition to having an opportunity to visit the prestigious Taittinger Champagne facility outside of Reims, France is where the seed was planted  to someday have a vineyard and winery of our own;  the dream to build a family legacy in the industry creating exclusive premium wines.

Having traveled through Europe and parts of the US experiencing different wines paired with being immersed in the history of German agriculture, French wine and champagne production, our style will evolve from a successful history that spans over a century and will continually build upon it. Our goal is to grow and import grapes from world class vineyards to create wines for our customers that will be as memorable to you as it was to us.

Where we are Today

As of May 2023, Huntsman Wine and Spirits is a fully licensed and permitted winery in Texas. I have one hundred Lomanto vines growing in the first section of my vineyard. Lomanto is a red wine grape cultivar that was developed in 1902.

I am taking orders for the wine club or individual bottle sales in Texas and Nevada to ship now. I can take pre-orders for Florida and Tennessee. I am working on permits to ship to Florida and Tennessee. I will keep you updated.